Friday, October 28, 2011

New Happenings

I haven't posted a post in a while, so I decided to catch everyone up on the recent happenings.

I have started my Junior year back in school during August, so I've been quite busy. Dealing with housing, financial aid, registration, family and friends, and my own personal life I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

One day in our Student Amenities Building this young lady came up to me and told me some disturbing news.

She told me that a certain predominately Caucasian school was trying to partner up with a HBCU. No. I am NOT racist. In addition, I do NOT frown upon the fact that they are trying to partner up. However, I do frown upon the fact that they are trying to make the HBCU's dependent and the PWC's independent.

I feel that if we do (so happen) to "partner" up with these institutions that we are going to loose not only tradition but history in the mist of it all.

I know first-hand that my institution was founded by majority white people. I also know that it took a lot for African-Americans to claim this land as their own, and it took a lot for my institution to become the extraordinary university that it has become today.

If you can, please just take some time out to give your support for this matter. Just by sending a letter, a fax, a phone call, or even word-of-mouth would help this "plan" be unsuccessful.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Troy Davis and Georgia's Judicial System

Sorry, that I haven't been on here a lot like I promised. Just thought I make a quick post.

Troy Davis, an African-American male from Savannah, GA, was convicted of murdering a Caucasian male in 1991. Since his conviction, people all around the U.S. have been trying to find away to prove Troy's innocence.
After seven of the nine non-policemen witnesses agreed that he wasn't the one who killed the police officer, and when the shooter admitted to the murder the Judge still didn't want to release Troy.

As U.S.citizens we are taught that 'we are innocent, until proven guilty.' So my question to you, the audience, is when did this rule change? How come this rule doesn't apply to this man?

After serving twenty years in a jail, I believe someone should here the man's case.

On September 19th, Troy will meet with the Georgia's Board of Pardon and Paroles. Right before his planned execution on September 21st.

Please do what ever you can do to help Troy gain his innocence. It doesn't make sense for a man to loose his life over a crime that he didn't commit.

Organizations, such as N.A.A.C.P. are holding petitions and are keeping everyone aware of the current updates.

Go to NAACP/Troy Davis Page!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

1st Summer Freebie/Sample Haul

Hello Ladies and Gents!

I've decided to FINALLY start showing you all what all I've received since June. The reason I titled this post, "1st Summer Freebie/Sample Haul" is because of the obvious reasons. Not only because Summer isn't over yet, but also since I had samples sent to my permanent address and also my temporary address. For some reason when I first started ordering the samples/freebies, I didn't calculated correctly in my head how long it was going to take to reach my permanent address.

(Ok. Please excuse my rambling. I'm operating on three hours of sleep right now and I have a lot to say. ;] )

These items listed in the picture are items that I've received from the beginning of June until now. Once again I'd like to state again, I have more at my temporary address I just forgot to put my permanent address down for what ever reason.

While some of these items are no longer up for grabs, I'd think you'll be happy to know that most are STILL going on. Hopefully I'll be able to post a little bit more later on along with a video.

***OH YEAH! Meant to tell you guys that I forgot to take a picture of some of the baby items that I have received. Today, I visited my prego cousin and gave her the items that I had. ***

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wanna Go Somewhere?

Hello Everyone!! I haven't been on here in a minute--I know--but I was looking online at this ad advertising for free travel guides. I went to the site only to find out that their guides--well--pretty much sucked! They didn't even have the Disney Travel Guide listed under the Florida section; and I mean really--who can mention FL without mentioning Disney? Even when your talking about places like Miami, Florida Disney is bound to pop up somehow. For instance, "Yeah, I plan to go to Miami for Spring Break. Didn't want to go to Disney since I've already been." See what I mean! So how can they NOT have a Disney Travel Guide?!...Ok. I'm sorry as you see I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to the Disney.

Any who, I've decided to do a wonderful web search to find some free travel guides. I mean that couldn't possibly be the ONLY free travel guide site. Right?...RIGHT?!....Well actually, that is right. As soon as I searched for "Free Travel Guides" a long list of possible choices popped up along with this one website They had a lot of travel guides organized by states and cities (including Disney).

So, I just thought I'd share that with you. I will be on the hunt to find more travel guides. Like honestly, how many times can you possibly go to the same place over, and over, and over again (not counting Orlando)?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free Diapers?? 30% OFF?!

Today, as usual, I was surfing the web looking for the best deals. (I mean what can I say? I'm a college student.) I happen to come across this YouTube video of this young couple who saves TONS of money with coupons. So, I went to go check them out. As I was searching, I then came across this video that stated "Free Diapers". Me being me, I clicked it. I was curious how to get this offer seeing how most of my family and friends were some how expecting around the same time.

Diapers could cost any where from $20-$50 a box, and here is this lady who says that she got her boxes for free. Free? What?! Yes. Free. She explained how she did it in this video below as well as the Amazon link to the page. She can tell you in detail exactly where to find the coupons to get the diapers for free.

If you are trying to save some money I would definitely recommend her blog. She--as well as her husband--is quite entertaining as well. Hope I helped! Let me know what you think! =)

Amazon Mom

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Do You Know Who is Generous?

I was browsing online in search for some samples and also in search for a descent student brand ambassador program. All that I ran across was some decent samples that I already had, or some ambassador program that wasn't available in my school's location. So to make a long story short, I was at a pit-stop.

But right when I went on to check to see if they had post any new parties. Yes, I was once again out of luck, but I did go through the past parties (for the billion and one times) which only made me more anxious to host a product party.

So with nothing to do with my life, I began to search for product parties. Like I guessed, the things that came up were Tupperware parties, AVON, and Adult parties. Tubberware on a college campus? No. AVON? Maybe. Adult parties? Too expensive for a college student's pocket. So I decided. Hey! Why won't I create a club for the students on my campus. I mean it's fun, cheap, and free! Soon after I was hit with reality; I didn't have a brand company to support my cause. So what did I end up doing? That's right. Searching once again.

Eventually, I came across these two articles. One featured a man who wrote 100 letters to companies asking them for free stuff. Did it work? It did. All 100 companies didn't send him stuff, but it was better than nothing. Then it was this man who received 400 items! The catch was it was over a number of years. Lastly, was this expecting mom who asked companies for free baby products. Did she succeed? YES! She even received a couple of pacifiers. How cool right? I'm guessing you know what I'm about to tell you next.

Yes, I started creating my list of companies that I wanted to ask for free stuff. I mean it's a win situation on their half. All they have to do is send me the material. They will receive free publicity from my party and my blog, and an increase in sales. What company doesn't want that?

Next (and hardest) step, waiting. Let's see which companies actually respond back.

I'll keep you updated!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cornell Hazing Problems

I just had to say something about this tweet that just appeared on my timeline! OK, if you been to college, looked at "Skool Dayz", or even seen one of those cool line jackets, almost everyone is familiar about Greek organizations. And what's the first thing that comes to mind? Unfortunately, hazing. Now, I have a great respect for Greek organizations; particularly the "Divine Nine" organizations. I actually have some family members and close friends who are members of these honorary organizations. But never…NEVER have I heard of such a story that I felt bad for the family of the "pledgee" and the actual organization itself.

So like I said, I was looking on my Twitter timeline and came across a update from ABC New. Normally, I'll just glance at it and keep moving, but this just caught my eye. So I followed the link, only to come to an article about a sadden mother who lost her only child to hazing.

OK, now let me say, yeah it's sad to hear about someone loosing a family member, but  that's not what struck a nerve.

I read on only to read about that certain organization kidnapping, blindfolding, bonding and lastly forcing alcohol down the "pledge" mouth; soon after when he past out, they left him bonded on a couch in the library! Now THAT’S what struck a nerve!

From what I heard from my Greek family and friends you are suppose to be discreet in all that you do (hense the phrase secret frat/sorority). So you're telling me that a bunch of people can come kidnap a person, blindfold them, tie them up with duct tape, and bring them to a library on a college campus and NO one see them? Give me a break. A boy's life could have been saved if it wasn't for irresponsible members and students.

However, the article also stated that the mother will be suing the organization for 25 million dollars.

I feel bad for that organization chapter because not only were they kicked off the campus, but they also made their organization look bad along with other Greek organizations.

I've listed the link that ABC News tweeted, for you all to take a look at.

Cornell University Frat House Sued for $25 Million Over House Hazing Death

Monday, June 27, 2011

BET Uh Oh!

Yesterday, the BET's 2011 Awards came on last night, and from what I heard it was pretty interesting. From the anticipated "no-shows", memorable tributes, and unremarkable mistakes was the talk of the web. From Yahoo News to Twitter EVERYONE had something to say both positive and negative.

In my opinion, the most entertaining segment of the awards was Ms. Patti LaBelle's tribute. She is one of the most inspiring ladies in the states. I remember growing up listening to my mom blast and howl at her music. Never would I imagine that I would one day blast and howl at the music myself. For her tribute Cee-Lo came out in a stylish hair-do with hairspray, spritzing as he sang one of her top charting hits. Along with Marsha A. and Pastor Shirley Caesar.  They blew the house away. But "it ain't nothing like the real thing baby." Ms. Patti, herself, gave recognition to all those that helped her have a successful career (as well as the diva herself, Ms. Gladys Knight). Then you know she couldn't leave off the stage without giving us a show. Thrilled Patti stunted across the stage singing her heart out as the crowd and viewers sang along. 

The most talked about moment of the night, besides the tribute, would have to be the presenting of the  Viewer's Choice Award. Every year, BET let's one of the "True Viewer's" to come to the awards and present this award on stage. However there was a little twist this year, the true winner. When the presenter named the winner of the award, her puzzled look told it all. She looked up at the teleprompter and it read "Rihanna" while the iPad look device read "Chris Brown". To try to straighten up the confusion, one of the employees came on the stage and told them the correct winner was "Drake". By the time Drake came onto the stage and accepted the award on Rihanna's behalf, all he could say was, "Well, this is awkward." And that's not the weird part! Once host Kevin Hart got back on stage he corrected the audience once again and announced Chris Brown as the final award winner. Whew! That's doing the most if you asked me. We'll some good came out of all this in the least, Chris Brown went home with a smile and two awards, the presenter became a trendy topic on social networking site Twitter, and the viewers had a pretty good laugh. See! Everyone is happy! =)

Oh yeah! Maybe I should also mention that BET executive took the blame for the technical difficulties for the night.
Wow. So I know this is random but, you won't believe the dream I had after my nap (hey I need naps too! Don't judge me ok?). So as I dozed off in "la la land", I had a dream of my pregnant cousin --now mind you I talked to her about thirty minutes before--and we were in my room talking about her baby. Then all of a sudden, she handed me a tube with a necklace chain behind it. So I hung it up on my door. And what was inside? It looked like a embryo or maybe a goldfish? I'm not quite sure what it was to be honest, but it kind of look like it. And it was a fiery red--lot hot Cheetos.

Yup, best believe I woke up pretty confused.

I wonder what it means?? Humm??


    Everyday that I go on Facebook or Twitter there is almost ALWAYS  a female complaining about how men are worthless, no good, dogs, or just plain stupid. I guess that's why for this blog, I've decided to applaud those men who are trying to do something with their lives. Open your eyes ladies! All men do not keep the pants to their ankles, all men do not take advantage of you, all men do not plan to sit home and do nothing with their lives. If you just so happen to run into a man like that (which we will at least once in our lives), then maybe we need to self-evaluate our selves. I am proud to say I know a couple of hand filled men (younger and older) who are making something out themselves and are taking advantage of all the opportunities that comes their way. If they have a child, they will take charge and responsibilities for their actions. If they have one job, they will apply to a bunch more just so they could be stable and stay active.

    I for one can say that I made a great "investment". I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. He is persistent in his studies, gives back to his community, was active on campus, goes to church, respectful, kind, and has a sense of humor. But he isn't the only man in the world that has these characteristics. Actually, one of his friends--and former roommate--has these same characteristics. His niche would be more of cooking, comedy, intelligence, and respect. Honestly ladies, what more can you ask for?

    A lot of the times, we ask for someone good to come into our lives, but once we get that "good" person we tend to ask for more. We seek that ideal "perfect" guy that isn't out there to be real about the situation. I guarantee you that if they would, they could sit you down and write a list about things that they can't stand about you. (One of them probably is nagging or complaining which is pretty common in females)

    If you seek for a "bad boy" then what do you think your going to get? A "good boy"? No. If you seek for a person like your ex, then sorry to be the one to tell this to you, but your going to get the same results! Hello! It's basic math people.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Craze!

Yesterday I attended my best friend's  baby shower. And if I must say so myself, what a delight! Seen some of my family members there as we'll as mutual best friends that I haven't seen in a couple of years.  As soon as we (me and my mom) walked into the venue all we seen was an illumination of hot pink everywhere, and then my cousins leaving. At that point (after I hugged and laughed with my cousins) I started thinking, 'Let the games begin!' And sure enough they did. We came in said hi to the "mother-to-be" then headed straight to the food line: meatballs, potato salad, deli sandwiches, lemonade, tuna salad, fruit, ice tea, along with other hand foods.

We then moved on to grub down (and let me tell you, the food was the bomb!).  We sat at a table with some more of my cousins and the mom-to-be family. We shared a plethora of laughs as we got to know each other (who would have thought it all started with a purse scavenger hunt game?).  Soon after we played "baby games" and moved on to the opening of the presents, then finally, the cutting of the cake.

When I left it had me thinking; about the preparation of a baby shower, to the entertainment at a baby shower. I mean, you can't just call a DJ up, have some strobe lights, with an empty dance floor like you could at a party. You would have to have a place for everyone to sit, eat, and mingle.   In regards towards the entertainment, what would a singer do at a baby shower? No, you would have to have a bunch of baby related games.

Below are my TOP 5 baby stores, babyshower games, foods at a baby shower, and must haves.

  1. Babies R' US
  2. Carters/Osh B'Gosh
  3. Target
  4. Walmart
  5. Cookie

Baby shower Games
  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. Baby Scramble
  3. Baby Bingo
  4. Pin the Bottle on the Baby
  5. How Big Is Mama's Belly

Popular Finger Foods at a Baby Shower
  1. Meatballs
  2. Sandwiches
  3. Fruit
  4. Chips and Dip
  5. Cheese and Crackers Platter

Don't Forget to...! Baby Shower Must Haves
  1. Invitations
  2. Venue
  3. Registry
  4. Finger Foods
  5. Camera

Friday, June 24, 2011 (Literally)

As I promised, I'm posting the blog about a way you can make some supplemental income online. Now this "Paid to" site was one of the first sites that I signed up with. I made a good amount of change with this one (probably would have made more if I actually completed all of the task everyday lol). They have plenty--and when I say plenty I mean it--plenty of ways for you to make money. From daily surveys that they send straight to you inbox if you like, to pay to click sites, to completing task and even printing and using coupons! As you can see, I am pretty satisfied with this site. Oh and I forgot to mention--they even give cash back on purchases made when you shop online, and rewards points for doing stuff you already do online! When I'm talking about their cash back program, I 'm not referring to some off brand store, I'm talking about stores like Ebay, Amazon, Home Depot and other major stores! Now coming from a broke college student perspective, I am willing to save EVERY bit of change that I can. Can you imagine how much money you can save on books when school begins? In addition, they even have a cash back rewards for purchasing items from Barnes&Nobles. Want to gain points, you say? Well go right ahead! Gain points by doing everyday things like play games, participate on their blogs, and complete offers. Now who said there wasn't such a thing as easy money? =) 

 Payout was pretty simple. The easiest way for me was through PayPal, but they also offer point redemption, donations, and gift card/certificate redemption.

Over all, I would highly recommend There are endless number of ways for you to earn: points, tokens, and of course cash. (Oops! Forgot to mention; you can gain tokens to cash in for gift cards and what not and tokens [once they reach 100] automatically redeem themselves for cash.) Between fast payouts and easy money, I would call this a winner. I placed the ad below. Feel free to click on it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

SOON TO COME! "GPT Jobs Online"

OK. So as I was sitting on the edge of my bed checking my Facebook and Twitter updates--literally every couple of minutes-- and I kept trying to figure out what my first blog would be about. School? A cooking recipe? Scholarship information? Media updates? But then…..viola! Something just dawned in my head, 'Why don't I write ways to make money online?' I mean, I am a full-time college student; I know how it is to stretch your last dollar until there is only a that one penny left.  Not only will this help out students, but it will also help out those who are seeking a supplemental income. Sounded like a plan to me! So, I searched, and searched, and searched only to remember….I'M SIGNED  UP TO A LOT OF THEM! =) So I went through my email--yup, you guessed it--and searched, and searched, and searched,  and searched until I came up with a good starter list, listing the companies that I actually signed up with myself. So keep a look out for blogs regarding ways to get paid online. Until then, back to Facebook and Twitter =D