Monday, June 27, 2011

BET Uh Oh!

Yesterday, the BET's 2011 Awards came on last night, and from what I heard it was pretty interesting. From the anticipated "no-shows", memorable tributes, and unremarkable mistakes was the talk of the web. From Yahoo News to Twitter EVERYONE had something to say both positive and negative.

In my opinion, the most entertaining segment of the awards was Ms. Patti LaBelle's tribute. She is one of the most inspiring ladies in the states. I remember growing up listening to my mom blast and howl at her music. Never would I imagine that I would one day blast and howl at the music myself. For her tribute Cee-Lo came out in a stylish hair-do with hairspray, spritzing as he sang one of her top charting hits. Along with Marsha A. and Pastor Shirley Caesar.  They blew the house away. But "it ain't nothing like the real thing baby." Ms. Patti, herself, gave recognition to all those that helped her have a successful career (as well as the diva herself, Ms. Gladys Knight). Then you know she couldn't leave off the stage without giving us a show. Thrilled Patti stunted across the stage singing her heart out as the crowd and viewers sang along. 

The most talked about moment of the night, besides the tribute, would have to be the presenting of the  Viewer's Choice Award. Every year, BET let's one of the "True Viewer's" to come to the awards and present this award on stage. However there was a little twist this year, the true winner. When the presenter named the winner of the award, her puzzled look told it all. She looked up at the teleprompter and it read "Rihanna" while the iPad look device read "Chris Brown". To try to straighten up the confusion, one of the employees came on the stage and told them the correct winner was "Drake". By the time Drake came onto the stage and accepted the award on Rihanna's behalf, all he could say was, "Well, this is awkward." And that's not the weird part! Once host Kevin Hart got back on stage he corrected the audience once again and announced Chris Brown as the final award winner. Whew! That's doing the most if you asked me. We'll some good came out of all this in the least, Chris Brown went home with a smile and two awards, the presenter became a trendy topic on social networking site Twitter, and the viewers had a pretty good laugh. See! Everyone is happy! =)

Oh yeah! Maybe I should also mention that BET executive took the blame for the technical difficulties for the night.

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