Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cornell Hazing Problems

I just had to say something about this tweet that just appeared on my timeline! OK, if you been to college, looked at "Skool Dayz", or even seen one of those cool line jackets, almost everyone is familiar about Greek organizations. And what's the first thing that comes to mind? Unfortunately, hazing. Now, I have a great respect for Greek organizations; particularly the "Divine Nine" organizations. I actually have some family members and close friends who are members of these honorary organizations. But never…NEVER have I heard of such a story that I felt bad for the family of the "pledgee" and the actual organization itself.

So like I said, I was looking on my Twitter timeline and came across a update from ABC New. Normally, I'll just glance at it and keep moving, but this just caught my eye. So I followed the link, only to come to an article about a sadden mother who lost her only child to hazing.

OK, now let me say, yeah it's sad to hear about someone loosing a family member, but  that's not what struck a nerve.

I read on only to read about that certain organization kidnapping, blindfolding, bonding and lastly forcing alcohol down the "pledge" mouth; soon after when he past out, they left him bonded on a couch in the library! Now THAT’S what struck a nerve!

From what I heard from my Greek family and friends you are suppose to be discreet in all that you do (hense the phrase secret frat/sorority). So you're telling me that a bunch of people can come kidnap a person, blindfold them, tie them up with duct tape, and bring them to a library on a college campus and NO one see them? Give me a break. A boy's life could have been saved if it wasn't for irresponsible members and students.

However, the article also stated that the mother will be suing the organization for 25 million dollars.

I feel bad for that organization chapter because not only were they kicked off the campus, but they also made their organization look bad along with other Greek organizations.

I've listed the link that ABC News tweeted, for you all to take a look at.

Cornell University Frat House Sued for $25 Million Over House Hazing Death http://abcn.ws/lTxBHK

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