Friday, June 24, 2011 (Literally)

As I promised, I'm posting the blog about a way you can make some supplemental income online. Now this "Paid to" site was one of the first sites that I signed up with. I made a good amount of change with this one (probably would have made more if I actually completed all of the task everyday lol). They have plenty--and when I say plenty I mean it--plenty of ways for you to make money. From daily surveys that they send straight to you inbox if you like, to pay to click sites, to completing task and even printing and using coupons! As you can see, I am pretty satisfied with this site. Oh and I forgot to mention--they even give cash back on purchases made when you shop online, and rewards points for doing stuff you already do online! When I'm talking about their cash back program, I 'm not referring to some off brand store, I'm talking about stores like Ebay, Amazon, Home Depot and other major stores! Now coming from a broke college student perspective, I am willing to save EVERY bit of change that I can. Can you imagine how much money you can save on books when school begins? In addition, they even have a cash back rewards for purchasing items from Barnes&Nobles. Want to gain points, you say? Well go right ahead! Gain points by doing everyday things like play games, participate on their blogs, and complete offers. Now who said there wasn't such a thing as easy money? =) 

 Payout was pretty simple. The easiest way for me was through PayPal, but they also offer point redemption, donations, and gift card/certificate redemption.

Over all, I would highly recommend There are endless number of ways for you to earn: points, tokens, and of course cash. (Oops! Forgot to mention; you can gain tokens to cash in for gift cards and what not and tokens [once they reach 100] automatically redeem themselves for cash.) Between fast payouts and easy money, I would call this a winner. I placed the ad below. Feel free to click on it!

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