Monday, June 27, 2011

Wow. So I know this is random but, you won't believe the dream I had after my nap (hey I need naps too! Don't judge me ok?). So as I dozed off in "la la land", I had a dream of my pregnant cousin --now mind you I talked to her about thirty minutes before--and we were in my room talking about her baby. Then all of a sudden, she handed me a tube with a necklace chain behind it. So I hung it up on my door. And what was inside? It looked like a embryo or maybe a goldfish? I'm not quite sure what it was to be honest, but it kind of look like it. And it was a fiery red--lot hot Cheetos.

Yup, best believe I woke up pretty confused.

I wonder what it means?? Humm??

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