Saturday, July 30, 2011

1st Summer Freebie/Sample Haul

Hello Ladies and Gents!

I've decided to FINALLY start showing you all what all I've received since June. The reason I titled this post, "1st Summer Freebie/Sample Haul" is because of the obvious reasons. Not only because Summer isn't over yet, but also since I had samples sent to my permanent address and also my temporary address. For some reason when I first started ordering the samples/freebies, I didn't calculated correctly in my head how long it was going to take to reach my permanent address.

(Ok. Please excuse my rambling. I'm operating on three hours of sleep right now and I have a lot to say. ;] )

These items listed in the picture are items that I've received from the beginning of June until now. Once again I'd like to state again, I have more at my temporary address I just forgot to put my permanent address down for what ever reason.

While some of these items are no longer up for grabs, I'd think you'll be happy to know that most are STILL going on. Hopefully I'll be able to post a little bit more later on along with a video.

***OH YEAH! Meant to tell you guys that I forgot to take a picture of some of the baby items that I have received. Today, I visited my prego cousin and gave her the items that I had. ***

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wanna Go Somewhere?

Hello Everyone!! I haven't been on here in a minute--I know--but I was looking online at this ad advertising for free travel guides. I went to the site only to find out that their guides--well--pretty much sucked! They didn't even have the Disney Travel Guide listed under the Florida section; and I mean really--who can mention FL without mentioning Disney? Even when your talking about places like Miami, Florida Disney is bound to pop up somehow. For instance, "Yeah, I plan to go to Miami for Spring Break. Didn't want to go to Disney since I've already been." See what I mean! So how can they NOT have a Disney Travel Guide?!...Ok. I'm sorry as you see I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to the Disney.

Any who, I've decided to do a wonderful web search to find some free travel guides. I mean that couldn't possibly be the ONLY free travel guide site. Right?...RIGHT?!....Well actually, that is right. As soon as I searched for "Free Travel Guides" a long list of possible choices popped up along with this one website They had a lot of travel guides organized by states and cities (including Disney).

So, I just thought I'd share that with you. I will be on the hunt to find more travel guides. Like honestly, how many times can you possibly go to the same place over, and over, and over again (not counting Orlando)?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free Diapers?? 30% OFF?!

Today, as usual, I was surfing the web looking for the best deals. (I mean what can I say? I'm a college student.) I happen to come across this YouTube video of this young couple who saves TONS of money with coupons. So, I went to go check them out. As I was searching, I then came across this video that stated "Free Diapers". Me being me, I clicked it. I was curious how to get this offer seeing how most of my family and friends were some how expecting around the same time.

Diapers could cost any where from $20-$50 a box, and here is this lady who says that she got her boxes for free. Free? What?! Yes. Free. She explained how she did it in this video below as well as the Amazon link to the page. She can tell you in detail exactly where to find the coupons to get the diapers for free.

If you are trying to save some money I would definitely recommend her blog. She--as well as her husband--is quite entertaining as well. Hope I helped! Let me know what you think! =)

Amazon Mom

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Do You Know Who is Generous?

I was browsing online in search for some samples and also in search for a descent student brand ambassador program. All that I ran across was some decent samples that I already had, or some ambassador program that wasn't available in my school's location. So to make a long story short, I was at a pit-stop.

But right when I went on to check to see if they had post any new parties. Yes, I was once again out of luck, but I did go through the past parties (for the billion and one times) which only made me more anxious to host a product party.

So with nothing to do with my life, I began to search for product parties. Like I guessed, the things that came up were Tupperware parties, AVON, and Adult parties. Tubberware on a college campus? No. AVON? Maybe. Adult parties? Too expensive for a college student's pocket. So I decided. Hey! Why won't I create a club for the students on my campus. I mean it's fun, cheap, and free! Soon after I was hit with reality; I didn't have a brand company to support my cause. So what did I end up doing? That's right. Searching once again.

Eventually, I came across these two articles. One featured a man who wrote 100 letters to companies asking them for free stuff. Did it work? It did. All 100 companies didn't send him stuff, but it was better than nothing. Then it was this man who received 400 items! The catch was it was over a number of years. Lastly, was this expecting mom who asked companies for free baby products. Did she succeed? YES! She even received a couple of pacifiers. How cool right? I'm guessing you know what I'm about to tell you next.

Yes, I started creating my list of companies that I wanted to ask for free stuff. I mean it's a win situation on their half. All they have to do is send me the material. They will receive free publicity from my party and my blog, and an increase in sales. What company doesn't want that?

Next (and hardest) step, waiting. Let's see which companies actually respond back.

I'll keep you updated!