Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wanna Go Somewhere?

Hello Everyone!! I haven't been on here in a minute--I know--but I was looking online at this ad advertising for free travel guides. I went to the site only to find out that their guides--well--pretty much sucked! They didn't even have the Disney Travel Guide listed under the Florida section; and I mean really--who can mention FL without mentioning Disney? Even when your talking about places like Miami, Florida Disney is bound to pop up somehow. For instance, "Yeah, I plan to go to Miami for Spring Break. Didn't want to go to Disney since I've already been." See what I mean! So how can they NOT have a Disney Travel Guide?!...Ok. I'm sorry as you see I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to the Disney.

Any who, I've decided to do a wonderful web search to find some free travel guides. I mean that couldn't possibly be the ONLY free travel guide site. Right?...RIGHT?!....Well actually, that is right. As soon as I searched for "Free Travel Guides" a long list of possible choices popped up along with this one website They had a lot of travel guides organized by states and cities (including Disney).

So, I just thought I'd share that with you. I will be on the hunt to find more travel guides. Like honestly, how many times can you possibly go to the same place over, and over, and over again (not counting Orlando)?

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