Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Troy Davis and Georgia's Judicial System

Sorry, that I haven't been on here a lot like I promised. Just thought I make a quick post.

Troy Davis, an African-American male from Savannah, GA, was convicted of murdering a Caucasian male in 1991. Since his conviction, people all around the U.S. have been trying to find away to prove Troy's innocence.
After seven of the nine non-policemen witnesses agreed that he wasn't the one who killed the police officer, and when the shooter admitted to the murder the Judge still didn't want to release Troy.

As U.S.citizens we are taught that 'we are innocent, until proven guilty.' So my question to you, the audience, is when did this rule change? How come this rule doesn't apply to this man?

After serving twenty years in a jail, I believe someone should here the man's case.

On September 19th, Troy will meet with the Georgia's Board of Pardon and Paroles. Right before his planned execution on September 21st.

Please do what ever you can do to help Troy gain his innocence. It doesn't make sense for a man to loose his life over a crime that he didn't commit.

Organizations, such as N.A.A.C.P. are holding petitions and are keeping everyone aware of the current updates.

Go to NAACP/Troy Davis Page!