About Me

Ladii_Kweenz, born Ashley Dolvin, was originally from Queens, NY. She later moved to Atlanta, GA with her mom at the age of eleven. Today, she currently is an undergraduate at Fort Valley State University. She is taking up a Mass Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration.

Ashley's bubbly, friendly, down-to-earth personality attracts all. She is also driven, motivated, goal-oriented, and confident in all that she does. One of her lifetime goals would be to break stereo-types dealing with issues such as: low-income families, public schooling; single-parent homes, African-Americans, and women. By continuing to strive for this goal she hopes to not only break barriers, but to also grow as a nation.

Ms. Dolvin stays active in her community and school as much as she can. Her extra-curricular resume include: leadership positions in the Student Council and Student Government Associations, NAACP membership, Pre-Alumni Association, volunteering, along with a list things.

In addition, she hopes to help out those around her.

"If we grow as individuals first, growing as a community wouldn't be that hard."