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Many people now-a-days are always on the search to find a way to make some "quick" or "easy" cash. Well, here is a reality check....there isn't such a thing. Most of the time the "quick" or "easy" cash that you think of will most likely be a scam. However, there are plenty of online opportunities for you to earn cash faster than a regular part-time or full-time job.

There are ways which you probably heard of; Paid-to sites, affiliate/referring work; blogging, social networking; participating in research groups and (trust me) hundreds and thousands of other ways to make money online. The thing most people don't realize is the problem isn't finding the "job" or "gig", but actually devoting your time to complete the necessary work. That's one of the reasons people do not succeed in "working" online.

This page will include many ways to work online. Sites that I personally test drive out. Many of the sites have a minimum which you must fulfill before cashing out, while others let you cash out anytime. My advice: If you don't have one already, create a PayPal account. Many of the "online jobs" cash-out using this fast payment option. Most of the time when the "check" option is available, the company will have to charge a fee.

So, my next question is this: what are you waiting for? Go get em'! =)
BTW: I tried to categorize all of the "job" listings as best as I can. Hope it helped!

Click on ad's for a given amount of time. Make sure you verify your clicks! When I do it, it normally appears on the 30 second ad's, and will require to to match the image given. You can earn about one cent per 30 second ad or a fraction of a penny. If you do choose to upgrade, you will have more ads and will get paid more. Check out options vary from PayPal, Alert Pay, Liberty Reserve, or a check. Minimum cash out amount is $10.00. Depending on how often you work, will determine how much you will make. Can also make additional income with referrals.

This was my second "paid-to" site I've signed up for. What's so great about this site? They automatically give you $5 just for signing up! OK, so your wondering what's the catch huh? The minimum is $30 to cash out and you can only cash out with check. "Shoot!" But on the lighter note, there are so many things for you to do to earn money and reach your minimum quickly. They send you plenty of paid emails daily, you can play games, download the FREE toolbar (worth $1, now you'll only have 29 more dollars to go), complete offers, print coupons, and a lot more other stuff I refuse to name since I posted the banner below. =)

Send Earnings
When I first went to this site I was like, "Wait a minute. Something looks quite familiar." But I couldn't put my finger on it until I went back to log into InboxDollars to check my mail. =) And with me being me, I started to become quite confused. The only thing that would pop in my head was scam. But with a lot of credibility I became once again at ease. Send Earnings is JUST like InboxDollars. So, if you like InboxDollars--DING! DING! DING! DING! DING!--sign up for Send Earnings. You get the same $5 sign up bonus, you get paid for the same task, and unfortunately you still have to wait to reach that $30 minimum :-( BUT hey! I mean, what do we have to loose? No start up cost+fun+free money=#winning

Swag Bucks
Swag Bucks is a "paid-to" site that allows you to earn...well..Swag Bucks. You earn a lot of "bucks" extremely easy. You get rewarded just for signing in and doing simple stuff as taking polls, surveys, or even using their personal search engine. They also have pretty cool sweepstakes and contests that would most likely want to win. How do you enter? Swag Bucks of course! You can redeem some swag bucks for contest entries. I haven't won anything as of yet, but once I do I'll keep you posted. Any way, like I said, you can redeem you swag bucks for cool items, gift cards, gift certificates, and even PayPal cash. I would definitely recommend this site for college students who would like extra cash or even those who want to do it for for. This would be an excellent way to "save" up for Christmas and birthday gifts. You shouldn't "knock it until you try it!" Ahh! The awards are still making me cheese! =D
 Search & Win

QuickRewards Network
OMG! How in the world did I forget to post this?! Sometimes I sadden myself..smh..:-) QuickRewards Network was my FIRST "paid-to" site. They offer no minimum payout! But even with the "no minimum pay out" I still end up waiting. I mean, what's the point of going through the work to transfer $1 to your PayPal account? Which normally can take up to five business days to process. Or you can cash out by check which will cost money to process and the wait is of course longer, so...uh..yeah..I recommend PayPal. You earn by getting paid cash back shopping at a list of stores, taking surveys, answer the easy daily trivia, completing offers and task along with a lot of other stuff I once again refuse to type.

I recently joined this site. So far I'm actually enjoying it. You keep answering 3 question polls until they tell you that you're "frying your brains out" and you win tickets and cash. Catch? You have to cash out when you reach $2. While some of the polls are about stuff that you enjoy others are simple polls that businesses made to get your opinion on a certain topic. You can also gain with their weekly $50 drawings and the "match" program. Their "match" program basically matches anything that the person you referred won and gives it to you. For instance, if your friend won 40 tickets and $0.02, you will get that same amount. Or better yet, imagine if they won the sweepstakes! 50 additional dollars in your "bank" that was made just by referring the right person.  This is for those who just want to gain money over time.


iRazoo operates just like the other paid-to sites. You can earn by using their search engine, downloading their toolbar, play games, complete offers and tasks and much more. I love the fact that iRazoo offers high points for offers completed, and provides daily point goals that you can aim to reach. If that's not enough, iRazoo provides treasure codes featured on their Facebook page randomly, giving away free points. Once you earn enough points, iRazoo offers redemption for gift cards and Paypal. 

Perk Rewards
This has to be one of my favorite paid-to companies. While the payout isn't low, they offer a number of different ways to earn points. The downfall of this company is that they require you to download a number of different apps to gain points. Therefore, make sure that you have enough space on your phone, If you don't have the available space to download all of the apps, your earning potential will be limited. The easiest way to start earning points? Simply by unlocking your lock screen on your phone. Points can later be redeemed for sweepstakes entries, swag, gift-cards, and via Paypal.

Become An Expert!
I've work with LivePerson for awhile now. This site is suited to those who feel that they are an "expert" at a certain thing, subject, or just about anything you can think of. Many ways for you to earn money on here. You can download the instant messenger, use a phone, answer wanted questions, or even email clients! For me, most of the time I would just set my instant messenger to "Available" and wait for the clients to "call" in. Beware! If you set your status to "Available" and miss a call, you won't be able to use it for a certain amount of time. (Kind of like a time out when you got in trouble) They also supply you with a number of items and ways for you to promote your profile to attract traffic to your page. What I'm not so fond about? We'll between the amount of time to reach the minimum pay-out and the fact that they take out a percentage is the worst. (It could also be the fact that I'm not devoting a lot of my time to the site.) I provided my profile widget below so you can see how it looks. Feel free to visit my page! =)

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